Do it yourself mask: tumeric, chickpea flour, milk, and almond oil for beautiful skin!

by xoaixanh

I get so excited every time I find a YouTube video about Do It Yourself things to for better skin! Faradhukai here shows us a DIY mask with tumeric, chickpea flour, milk, and almond oil that will help with acne so we can be on our way to have better skin ( I think most stores carry these products).I will definitely try this m ask out because tumeric has magical powers! My mom has been trying to get me into drinking, more like swallowing tumeric powder and honey balls, but they are so difficult to take in because of the taste. I’m so into skincare right now because mine is just horrible with my strange sleeping patterns from working graveyard shift, some people are just born with amazing skin, and the rest of us, will be eating tumeric powder for life (me).